PROLOGUE 20 | Marina Abramović | Cancelled due to Covid-19

Waiting for the Artist

Cate Blanchett as Izabella – Documentary Now! _ Season 3, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Rhys Thomas/IFC

08/04/20 — 8:30 p.m. | Cancelled due to Covid-19
Theatiner Filmkunst

USA 2016 | 26 min. | English | Directed by: Alex Buono & Rhys Thomas | With Cate Blan­chett, Fred Armisen | Afterwards: Surprise film by Marina Abramović | GUEST: Marina Abramović | TALK: Heinz Peter Schwerfel (Artistic Director, KINO DER KUNST)
In cooperation with the Bayerische Staatsoper

None other than Cate Blanchett plays the great Marina Abramović in this satiric “mockumentary” of the U.S. series Documentary Now! As the fictional performance artist Izabella Barta (Cate Blanchett) prepares for a large retrospective of her work, she must make amends with her former lover Dimo alias Ulay (Fred Armisen), a notorious artworld provocateur. The blueprint for the satire is Matthew Aker’s Emmy Award-winning documentary film The Artist is Present (2012). Many of the Serbian artist’s performances, including her sensational MoMA show in 2012, are parodied with relish by Blanchett. Abramović, whose operatic project 7 Deaths of Maria Callas premiers on April 11, 2020 at the Munich State Opera, demonstrates humor by attending the film screening at the Theatiner in person: the artist is present.