Regulations International Competition 2020

  1. This call for entries for the international competition is directed exclusively at those who work in Fine Arts – either due to their training at an art academy or a media art academy or due to their exhibition curriculum.
  2. Only narrative single-channel films that feature fictitious elements and use an innovative storytelling can be considered. Furthermore, they must be directed at a high technical level and produced after January 1, 2017. The films may be of any length.
  3. Films with dialogues that are not in the English language must be subtitled in English.
  4. Submissions can be entered exclusively on the KINO DER KUNST website. The registration form has to be complete. The following data are required for the submission:
  • * Full name of the artist, year of birth, contact address
  • * Short CV (max 800 characters)
  • * Film title, year of production, film length
  • * Main credits
  • * Short synopsis (max 600 characters)
  • * Preview link (vimeo / youtube e.g.) stating the password. Download links (such as via wetransfer) will not be accepted.
    If an applicant wishes to submit several films, a complete application must be made for each film.
  1. There is no fee for submissions to KINO DER KUNST. All films must be submitted by December 15, 2019.
  2. In the case of a positive decision, the applicant has to make the following documents available:
  • * A copyright-free film still (300 dpi; format: JPG, TIF or BMG)
  • * Synopsis (DOC / PDF)
  • * A portrait photo of the artist, including photo credit (300 dpi; format: JPG, TIF or BMG)
  • * Biography / Filmography (DOC / PDF)
  1. The applicant is responsible for all the shipping costs and risks of sending the viewing and screening copies to the festival. This also applies if film copies are sent via third parties, such as other festivals.
  2. As a screening format, the applicant shall submit a DCP or a PRORES 422-HQ file. Presuming acceptance, other formats can be permitted only under rare circumstances, which must be separately clarified. KINO DER KUNST will generally copy video formats onto hard disc for presentation.
  3. With his submission, the applicant confirms that the film may be shown at the festival. Additionally, the applicant also confirms with the submission that he has obtained the consent of any third parties involved in the production process, and that these third parties likewise agree to participation in the KINO DER KUNST international competition.
  4. The selected participants agree that excerpts of maximal three minutes of each submitted film can be broadcasted through TV or Internet for the purpose of promoting KINO DER KUNST. Participating films are also allowed to be presented one additional time during a museum event occurring within six months.
  5. The participant further agrees that the texts and photos provided can be published in the festival catalogue, on the website and on social media as well as for press and public relations work.
  6. Applicants will be notified by e-mail whether their submitted films have been accepted or rejected. These notifications will be sent out before February 1, 2020. The titles of all participating films will subsequently be published on the festival website.