Exhibitions 13

  • duzha dio


    Installationen 13 – M+M

    Samstag, Sonntag, Montag

    M+M, “Montag” 2009, Videostills (Foto: M+M)

    Der Besucher trifft im Erdgeschoss des Kunstvereins auf drei erzählerische Doppelprojektionen. Sie zeigen stets denselben männlichen Protagonisten (Christoph Luser) jedoch in ganz unterschiedlichen Rollen, Kontexten und mit verschiedenen Gesprächspartnern. So bewegt sich der Betrachter durch ein filmisches Kaleidoskop heterogener Persönlichkeitsfacetten. Read more

    13/01 - 28/01/2021 07.00 - 05.00
  • Installations 13 – Julian Rosefeldt

    The Soundmaker / Stunned Man

    Julian Rosefeldt “Stunned Man” (Trilogy of Failure / Part II), 2004, 2-channel film installation, colour, sound, 32 min. 49 sec. loop, Co-produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Courtesy Sammlung Goetz and Barbara Gross Galerie München

    In line with KINO DER KUNST festival, the internationally successful, Munich born artist Julian Rosefeldt shows the first two parts of his “Trilogy of Failure” (2004/05) which were exhibited in this space once before and are now brought back to MaximiliansForum for the festival. In his more recent pieces, the trained architect works with 16 or 35mm film footage and develops large-scale works at the interface between narrative film and complex film installation. “The Soundmaker” (2004) and “Stunned Man” (2004) deal with the hopeless entanglements of people in their everyday rituals.

    MaximliansForum. Passage für interdisziplinäre Kunst


    Encounters between Art and Cinema

    An exhibition at the Pinakothek der Moderne and Museum Brandhorst,
    in cooperation with the Goetz Collection and KINO DER KUNST


    The donation of 375 video works from the Goetz Collection to the Free State of Bavaria in 2014 seals a gap in the Bavarian museum landscape while simultaneously continuing Munich’s long-standing tradition as a film and media hub in Germany. The endowment now provides a variety of opportunities for future displays in the area of video and new-media art. Last year saw the launch of the art-film festival KINO DER KUNST, which garnered international attention from the moment the lights dimmed for its very first screening. KINO DER KUNST is about to be held for the second time, with events taking place from 22 April to 26 April 2015. Read more

    05/01 - 06/01/2021 02.00 - 01.00