Interlude 18/19

Utrecht, Caravaggio & Europa
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau & Reynold Reynolds

© Reynold Reynolds 'Die Verlorenen' (2012)
© Reynold Reynolds ‘Die Verlorenen’ (2012)

09/06/19 — 11 a.m.
Theatiner Filmkunst

Murnau’s lasting black and white orgy from the shadow world ‘Nosferatu’, complemented by the homage to the silent film ‘The Lost’ by Reynold Reynolds, who lives in Amsterdam.
Introduction: Patrick Kammann, Bavarian State Painting Collections, Munich

Reynold Reynolds | THE LOST | DE 2012, 16 min
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau | NOSFERATU | DE 1922, 94 min (German OV)
With Max Schreck