Venkov, Dimitri

Dimitri Venkov studied at the University of Oregon and the Rodchenko Art School, Moscow. He lives in Moscow. Since 2007 he has produced documentary and narrative films as well as video and mixed media works, which have been exhibited at various shows and festivals. His film Mad Mimes was awarded the Kandinsky Prize Young Artist of the Year in 2012 and shown at anthropology and documentary festivals.

Mad Mimes / Bezumnye podrazhateli
(RUS 2012, DV, 30 Min., ruOmeU)
German Premiere
In a thin forest along the Moscow Ring Road, anthropologists discover artifacts of a pagan tribe. The tribe must have been entirely dependent on roadside trash collected along the highway: Discarded items, road signs and car parts were used and integrated in rituals that symbolically reflect the life of the road.

Dimitri Venkov, "Bezumnye podrazhateli" / „Mad Mimes“, 2012, DV, 30 Min.
Dimitri Venkov, “Bezumnye podrazhateli” / „Mad Mimes“, 2012, DV, 30 Min.