Vanzo, Marcella

Marcella Vanzo, born in 1973, studied anthropology at University College, London and art at Accademia di Brera. She lives in Milan. She participated in the Performa in New York, 2009 and the Prague Biennial, 2011. Solo exhibitions since 2003 included Galleria Continua, San Gimignano; Castello di Ama per l’arte contemporanea, Siena; Italian Academy at Columbia University, New York.

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(ITA 2012, HD, 19 Min. 46 Sek., itOmeU)
World Premiere
Based on the Greek myth of Medea, Rumors depicts a mythical woman by interviewing the people in her surroundings: these are shameless portraits of members of the royal court as well as stereotypes of our contemporary society. The characters are played and voiced by actors and laypersons. A Grand Hotel serves as the kingdom.

Marcella Vanzo, „Rumors“, 2012, HD, 19 Min. 46 Sek.
Marcella Vanzo, „Rumors“, 2012, HD, 19 Min. 46 Sek.