Jung Hee Seo

Jung Hee Seo, born in Seoul, studied in the USA, South Korea and France. She lives in France and South Korea. Participation in festivals, exhibitions and screenings a.o. at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing; La trois, Liège; Scanner, Barcelona; Festival of Video Art, St. Petersburg.

Sing Under
(FRA 2012, HD, 10 Min., no dialogue)
German Premiere
The modern story of the unavoidable end of mankind or millennia-old legend of the biblical Flood? The dehumanized body of a girl appears in an animal, organic rough state. A black liquid secreted by her body, sign of an unknown poisoning, produces discomfort and finally coagulates into a poetic vision.

Jung Hee Seo, „Sing Under“, 2012, HD, 10 Min.
Jung Hee Seo, „Sing Under“, 2012, HD, 10 Min.