Joffre, Nathalie

Nathalie Joffre lives in Paris. Studied Visual Arts, History of art and photography in Paris, Amiens and London. Exhibitions since 2011 a.o. at Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin; Le CENTQUATRE, Paris; Bethlem Museum of the Mind, London. Participated in the British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin; Festival Vidéoformes; FIVA, Buenos Aires. Besides several nominations, she was awarded the PRIX ICART for Contemporary Art (Paris) in 2013.

Selected works: Apparitions (2016), At the edge of the double (2015), Les Tranchées… (2013-14)

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Data History Voyage
(FRA/GBR 2016, HD, 8’, English)
German Premiere
By filming the process of an archeological excavation in Dorchester (UK) with a team of the University of Oxford, the narrator experiences several mysterious memory disorders. Having started to film the excavation site, the first rushes of the excavation have disappeared from her harddrive. While observing archeologists at work, some memories from her childhood start coming to the surface of her memory… A film about loss and resurfacing of memory in all forms intimate, digital, and archeological.

Nathalie Joffre, Data History Voyage, 2016, 8’ © Nathalie Joffre
Nathalie Joffre, Data History Voyage, 2016, 8’ © Nathalie Joffre