©Mark Lewis_Museum (2018) Film Still
©Mark Lewis_Museum (2018) Film Still

24/10/18, 7 p.m.
Kunstverein Munich

Born 1958 in Ontario, Canada, the photographer and filmmaker lives today in London and mostly works in a crossover of abstract analysis, the tradition of experimental film and the emotional perception of landscape or architecture.
Much of his work focuses on style and technology of film, for instance on the complex narration of long tracking shots. His films are nearly always short, precise exercises on particular techniques of filmmaking and spatial perception, they particularly tend to look at contemporary cities, film history, and the way film has impacted ideas about everyday life. Mark Lewis had many solo shows in important museums around the world and represented in 2009 Canada at the Venice Biennale.
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Talk in English. Moderated by Heinz Peter Schwerfel (Artistic Director of KINO DER KUNST)
Free admission