Interlude 18/19

Utrecht, Caravaggio & Europa
Hitchcock & Melhus

© Bjørn Melhus: The Bathroom (2011)
© Bjørn Melhus: The Bathroom (2011)

02/06/19 — 11 a.m.
Theatiner Filmkunst

Hitchcock’s classic ‘Psycho’, taken up again and again by contemporary artists, is introduced by Bjørn Melhus’ exuberant ‘Bathroom’, in which the artist leads Hitchcock’s original voice – with a cute accent – through a contemporary villa.
Introduction: Lars Zieke, Bavarian State Painting Collections, Munich

Bjørn Melhus | THE BATHROOM | DE 2011, 5 min
Alfred Hitchcock | PSYCHO | US 1960, 109 min (Engl OV German Subs)
With Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh