Interlude 16/17

Artist Talk
Igor Simic

Still from „Cost-Benefit-Love“, 2014 Foto: Igor Simic
Still from „Cost-Benefit-Love“, 2014 Foto: Igor Simic

28/10/2016, 7 p.m.
Kunstverein München

Shortly after obtaining his degree in film science and philosophy at Columbia University in New York City, the Serbian shooting star attracted international attention and was distinguished with multiple awards for his short film Shelter (2009). In his work, Simic grapples with special phenomena of modern society. After his much-noted Thinker in the Supermarket (2012), a contemporary variant of Auguste Rodin’s world-famous sculpture, he presented his film Our Guardians (2015), which he had produced in Paris, at the last b3 Biennale in Frankfurt. In 2016, his most recent film, Melanchonic drone won First Prize of the Loop Festival Barcelona.
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