Interlude 16/17

Reality, realism, authenticity
Strategies of cinematic representation in art and documentary film

Christoph Faulhaber, 2015, Foto: © Katharina Bühler
Christoph Faulhaber, 2015, Foto: © Katharina Bühler

10/11/2016, 19.00

How does an artistic documentary film differ from a documentary artist’s film? What does media authenticity mean and how can it be achieved? How can audiences distinguish between authenticity and lack of authenticity?
No discipline other than film has come so far in depicting a supposed reality. But while in a documentary film, the relationship to reality is seemingly obvious and viewers assume that the depicted events have actually occurred, art likes to leave things unclear.

In this panel discussion, filmmaker Andres Veiel, media artist Christoph Faulhaber, the artistic director of KINO DER KUNST Heinz Peter Schwerfel and the director of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich Daniel Sponsel will discuss the different strategies for dealing with reality, both in front of and behind the camera.
Moderation: Nan Mellinger