Pennanen, Anu

ANU PENNANEN, born in 1975 in Kirkkonummi, Finland, lives in Helsinki. Her films and installations deal with globalization and exile, urbanity and the environment, marginalization and conformity.
Selected exhibitions: CCA, Glasgow; CAC, Vilnius; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Montehermoso Cultural Center; Frankfurter Kunstverein; Manifesta 5, Donostia-San Sebastián.
Selected films: Staande! Debout! (2013, with Stéphane Querrec), Ruins of the Gaze (2010) and A Monument for the Invisible (2003)


A Poem to Read When I’m Gone
FIN 2019, 4K, 27’29’’, ENGLISCH/ENGLISH
KAMERA/CINEMATOGRAPHY: Katharina Dießner, Isabel Alvarez
BUCH/WRITER: Stéphane Querrec
SOUND: Pelle Venetjoki
CAST: Korkmaz Arslan

A man—be he Syrian, Afghan or Kurd—flees from a refugee center at the former Berlin Tempelhof airport. From then on, he lives alone between the lockers at train stations, unobserved by passers-by, barred from life by fences. Welcome to the limbo of our society. He murmurs a poem that, like an incantation for a better life, accompanies his bleak existence. A cautious and gentle approach to a dull reality that can only be endured thanks to the beauty of poetry.

A Poem to read when I’m gone. Colour 4K, surround sound. Still image. © Palo Productions 2019