Kazakovtseva & Kutlinskaya

ALEXANDRA KAZAKOVTSEVA, born in 1994 in St. Petersburg. Her work encompasses film, painting, drawing, installation and digital media and deals with the problems of consumer society as well as concepts of post-irony, post-internet and post-feminism. Exhibitions at the Navicula Artis Gallery and Stepan Razin Factory, both in St. Petersburg (2019) as well as Safehouse Gallery, London (2018), among others.
ANITA KUTLINSKAYA, born in 1994 in St. Petersburg. She uses photo – graphy, film and video to develop new visual languages and reflect on contemporary society. Joint films: Generation Z (2017) and Youth(2016).


I Like You
RUS 2019, 4K, 16’36’’, RUSSISCH/RUSSIAN
SOUND: Serebro

A young office manager falls in love with a hip instagirl whom he has been following virtually for some time. After chatting online, they decide to meet in a nightclub. He wants to get to know her “true self” but discovers only cynical beauty. The film playfully links the idolization of social media icons and narcissistic default settings such as selfies with the question of how values and ideals change under the influence of contemporary media.

Alexandra Kazakovtseva & Anita Kutlinskaya, „I Like You“, 2019, © Courtesy of the Artists