Fulmen, Pachet

Pachet Fulmen, born in 1985, lives in Hamburg. Participations in the ANIMFEST Athens 2012; ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival, Paris 2011; Machine-RAUM Festival for Video Art and Digital Culture, Vejle Kunstmuseum 2011; ION International Animation, Games and Short Film Festival, Los Angeles 2004 et al.

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Song for God
(GER 2014, 5’15’’, English)
In a violent world full of disasters that in vain clings to God, a strong woman who can only rely on herself pursues her own path, far beyond religion and dogma. A dark, originally crafted cartoon.

Pachet Fulmen, „Song for God“, DEU 2014, 5’15’’
Pachet Fulmen, „Song for God“, DEU 2014, 5’15’’