Bass, Melika

Melika Bass, born in North Carolina, studied literature, philosophy and later art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives in Chicago. Exhibitions included Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Segal Center for the Performing Arts, Montreal. Solo exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 2011.

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Waking Things
(USA 2011, 16mm, 34 Min., enOF)
German Premiere
In a house in a primeval wood, a mysterious family of misfits prepares a seasonal feast for a visiting party of strangers. As they shuffle through ritualistic preparations, shadows reveal the true character of each individual: one menacing, one wounded and one worn. They are the stewards of an old tradition, blood for blood.

Melika Bass, „Waking Things“, 2011, 16mm, 34 Min.
Melika Bass, „Waking Things“, 2011, 16mm, 34 Min.