A Russian artist collective formed by Tatiana Arzamasova (born in 1955), Lev Evzovich (born in 1958), Evgeny Svyatsky and Vladimir Fridkes (born in 1956). Live in Moscow. They have been presenting their work since the end of the 1980s in the most important biennals and at exhibitions worldwide. Participation in the 56th Venice Biennal 2015; 6th Moscow Biennale 2015 et al. Exhibitions at ZKM Karlsruhe; Moderna Museet Stockholm; Tate Britain, London; The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg et al.

Selected works: The Liminal Space Trilogy: Last Riot (2005/07), Feast of Trimalcho (2009), Alegoria Sacra (2011)

Inverso Mundus

(RUS 2015, HD, 38’20’’, NO DIALOGUES)
Pigs carved by butchers, a child punished by the teacher, men and women in reversed roles, or a rich man who is provided generous alms by a beggar in rags: Inspired by medieval engravings and drawings depicting absurd situations – which served as models for artists such as Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch – these sometimes comical yet tragic motives are brought forward into our day and age. A cinematic reinterpretation of reality, a type of poetic vision in the usual surrealist style.

AES+F Inverso Mundus
AES+F, Inverso Mundus, Still #1-05, 2015 © AES+F I ARS New York. Courtesy of the artists, MAMM and Triumph Gallery